Till Death Do Us Part

Hey you seem lonely, let me buy you a drink.
What? The bottle not your thing?
Don’t worry, I have just what you need.
You seem empty, perhaps abandoned, but I’ll never leave.
Only if you’ll promise to do all of the tricks up my sleeve.

Seems there’s something terrible you want to forget?
Go on try it, it’s only petty theft!
Feel the rush in your blood? That’s the “courage” I give.
And from now on, with me, this is how you’ll live.

Not enough to forget? Got deeper scars?
Have you ever felt what it’s like? What it’s like to starve?
I know it sounds scary, but I’ll hold your hand.
The blackouts, and obsession, that’s all I demand.

Your family might leave you but I’ll always stay.
They didn’t leave you? You pushed them away?
Nonsense! You’re having the time of your life!
Who needs kids? A husband? Or wife?

They don’t understand you! All they care for is themselves!
Go on now! Start shopping, buy everything on the shelves!
Don’t you just love it? How I make you feel?
Wait you missed one! This ones a steal!

Now go on home, stash everything in your lair.
Burry all your deepest hurts, and all of your “treasures” there!
Now that you’ve stashed all of your lovely things away.
I have something special planned, for just the two of us today.

Come with me it’s just one game!
What do you mean “Am I insane?”
I know you don’t have much money, valuables, or cash.
But darling worse comes to worse, we could sell something from your stash.

Now try your luck! Maybe once, no twice!
We could win the millions! Wouldn’t that be nice!
Don’t stop now! You have nothing to loose!
If you win just this once you could buy those expensive shoes!

What’s wrong my sweet darling? Have you fallen ill?
I promise to fix it. Now, take all of these pills.
You’ll feel nothing for a day or maybe even two.
When you wake up you’ll be as good as new!

Good morning my dear, time to get off the floor.
You want to call your family? My darling… you don’t have them anymore…
Remember, you told them you wanted to be with me!
It’s been ten years now. Did you think I’d actually leave?

I am now your everything! You breath, your life.
Go on, be angry, don’t forget your knife.
Whatever slashes you make I promise you’ll feel better.
I don’t plan to leave, not now! not ever!

-Joy Daehn

It’s been almost 8 years since my “breakup” with ED (eating disorder)
Please know that your “relationship” doesn’t have to be forever.

Addiction comes in many forms.
Addiction will lie to you, take everything from you, and destroy relationships with the ones you love.
Don’t believe it! Fight it!
You deserve better and so do they.

National suicide prevention
1-800-273-9255 US

American addiction center

UK/ Addiction help

Japan/ Addiction help

(NEDA) National eating disorder helpline


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