Psych Ward

There’s no forks in the psych ward
They’ll strap you down if you fight too hard

Man in the corner yelling crazy talk
Woman on the floor can’t hardly walk

Tired nurse on the night shift
Talking like “life’s a blessing, life’s a gift”

Worries piled high can’t think straight
Been here all night now it’s getting late

Close my eyes and sleep in my cell
Woken up three times like, “you feeling well?”

I don’t know Dr can’t put it in words
All of the pain all of the hurts

Truth is I thought I was better than this
Whatever they tell you ignorance isn’t bliss

Now it’s time to face all my issues
Set aside my pride, dignity I might loose

So, No Dr I’m not doing so well
If I’m being honest my mind is in hell

Wake up in the morning and I have a flash back
Go to sleep after fighting a panic attack

Can’t leave my house without feeling afraid
I’m still a scared little kid no matter the age

“The world is your footstool don’t you ever give up
Went through the same things. Alive not because luck

See child I was in the same place as you
When God sent an angel and I made it through

Those dark days you think will never get better
I promise they will pass and You’ll thank Him forever.

So now baby girl go get some rest
Think of the blessings that you have left”



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