Parenting 101

Can’t tell them what you’re addicted to, the kids will only laugh.
But I don’t see anybody laughing when I eat a meal from the trash

“Does he hit you when he’s mad at you?”  “No! That’s really bad!”
I thought all parents were that way, after all he is my dad.

You give cares for nothing except for your own pleasure
You’ll sacrifice your family just to buy your worthless treasure.

Do you care that I’m dying? No, probably wish that I was dead
Tell me that the pain that I’m feeling is all inside my head

Turned your back when I needed you and called me a disgrace
Now I got where I’m going to you want to get up in my face

Sat me down told me you’d never see me again
Crossed a stage, got my wings, now you got a kid you want to claim

Want to take credit for my actions, go on spread all of your lies
Truth is I’m still that kid you abandoned when I reached for suicide

Guess we’re back where we started…

Looking back I realize non of this every really mended
But don’t blame me for a relationship that you ended.

I left my door wide open and I gave you every chance
But you clung to your “treasures” and threw me in the trash


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