The Loved and the Lover


What time can I see you, Just wanted to talk
I gotta tell you what I’m being told to say and some of my thoughts

I know I screwed up and left you felling missuesed
But this time it’s different, I’m telling the truth

I want to say I’m sorry for breaking your trust
I never intended to hurt you this much

So what I’m asking from you is that you’ll stay
Come back to me and I’ll prove that I’ve changed

Here are my my rules and things I’m asking of you
So i need to know if this is what you’ll do

I know what I’m asking of you is fair
When you were depressed  I didn’t go anywhere

The only thing I can offer is this promise
I swear I’ve changed and this time I’m honest



Thanks for sharing your true feelings
It’s nice to know what you are seeing

But here’s what I know and where I stand
So for now you can save your demands

Do I still love you? Sure that hasn’t changed
But what I know now is I’ve been betrayed

Not once, not twice, not three, or four
I’ve truly lost count, and I’m done keeping score

Can I forgive you? I’m sure in time
But what I’ll always wonder is why?

Why did you say “Till death do us part”
But thought nothing of breaking my heart

I gave you everything I had and what I didn’t
But when she offered you didn’t resist for a minuet

Her gaze and her charm was enough for you to fall
In a moment’s time the promises meant nothing at all

I cried for you to stop and told you my pain
But the only words I got was that I was “insane”

Image after image screen after screen
Atlas I became nothing never enough for your dream

Deception and lies from you is all I know
Because I saw you and her when I came home

You said it was nothing I was “overreacting”
But her requests from you were never “demanding”

You bragged about doing charity and saving some lives
Little did I know that she would be by your side

You asked for days if you could go on this mission
Only to find out that it was her in your visions

The moments I knew that you and I were in distress
You told me I was “overthinking” and to put it to rest

You made me a promise never to drink
You later confess, but “it’s not what you think”

I can handle myself besides, I need to let loose
I can quit anytime, I’ll be able to choose.

So if you want to know if I’ll ever trust again
I can only tell you that I will know when

I’ll know when you don’t see her when we touch
I’ll know when I’ll finally to you be enough

I’ll know when you don’t refuse me like you have for two years
I’ll know when you stop blaming me for all of my tears

You told me that I was “crazy” all of this time
I tried to believe it and insist you were right

But now that I know all of the truth
It really wasn’t me, It was you

For ten years I played your tricks and your games
I always believed that I was to blame

But now I learned to believe in myself
I don’t need to be validated by anyone else

So thank you for the times I had to be stronger
Just wish I knew sooner, I loved an imposter


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