You Are Not a Toaster Strudel

Before we get into anything serious today, I want you to ask yourself if you and the image below have anything in common:


This is not a trick question by the way. I want you to see if your life resembles anything of the pastry shown above.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do you look anything like the strudel?
Do you have the same education level?
Do you have the same family struggles?
Can this toaster strudel be diagnosed with mental illness?
Do you both have the same stress levels at work?
Can you both relate on terms of relationship issues?

If you were answering this question to be serious, the answers to the above questions should all be, “No”.

Why are you asking me this?

You’re probably wondering by now why I asked you all of the above questions. And rightfully so. It’s not considered normal to compared to a breakfast item. However, you may be doing this on a daily basis without realizing it.

Are you serious… I would never do that!

Oh, but you do. A toaster strudel obviously cannot relate to the questions I asked you earlier. In fact, in its short lifespan from the time the box is opened until it is eaten is usually no more than a few minutes. And the time it takes to prepare the food is usually no more than a few seconds. There are no lengthy preparations involved and absolutely no challenges.

While we know to compare our lives with a pastry is absolutely ridiculous, we somehow treat ourselves as if we were a toaster strudel when it comes to topics such as mental health, relationships, etc. We rush ourselves or get frustrated when we aren’t moving “fast enough”.

Give yourself time

Through the course of going to therapy these last few months (see Talking to myself: Healing from an abusive childhood and Moving Forward: Regaining control of my life), I’m beginning to realize that healing does not happen overnight. And that is completely ok.

Somehow we have all fallen in the trap to believe society’s lies of instant success, instant healing, and instant happiness. While we do live in a viral culture, not everything will happen overnight. Give yourself permission to break free from this impossible standard. Take time to care for yourself and don’t be discouraged if what you’re struggling through doesn’t come together in one therapy session.

Don’t give up, hang on. I promise you are so much more valuable than a toaster strudel, and your life is so much more meaningful.


Thank you for reading this week’s thinks! I’ve missed you all on here! Be sure to check out what I’ve been up to on my YouTube channel! I’ll see you all soon!





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