I Met a Cannibal and Survived

I had a dream not too long ago that I was being chased down by cannibals. I was running through a rain forest trying to look for a way to escape the hunters while looking for an alliance that would join me. While this might sound like an exiting dream, you will probably not think it was so serious if you knew all of the details. The entire dream I had barbecue chicken wings as arms…


Although I did eventually escape to a mall (apparently they exist in the rain forest), I did get eaten. Partially…

We’ve all had some crazy dream before that has made us question our sanity. (Or question if we watched too much Jumanji or sat in on too many of my husband’s PUBG games.) And this time for me it was cannibals… Of all things!
In most cases these types of dreams are completely fiction. But for me this time it wasn’t. Although I didn’t wake up with barbecue arms (they actually got eaten in my dream), I have met a cannibal. In fact, I’ve met quite a few of them.

A Cannibal is described as someone or something that eats its own species. Usually this is  quite a merciless process. The hunter does not feel remorse for the life taken, and the person or animal only sees their prey as a means of survival.

While you may have never met a flesh-eating cannibal, you have probably met the cannibals that like to “eat” other people’s, success, hard work, reputation, etc. In today’s “Thinks” we’re going to be talking about the “cannibal’s” in your life and how to escape!

The Story Cannibal

Have you ever told something to someone in confidence only to find out there were a lot more people who know your story than you told or you now have a false rumor about yourself. Sadly you will meet people (Cannibals) who have nothing more entertaining to do than “feed” off of your story. Perhaps they are bored. But they need something juicy to snack on and you are the prime target!

For this cannibal, watch their own language before you ever tell them anything personal.  Are they telling you a lot of information about others? Do they enjoy gossip? If what you are telling them has not been told to several people already, avoid telling them anything personal or talking to them without others around. They are just hanging around with a plate waiting to dig in!

The Success Cannibal

This is the person at your work or school (or anywhere) that has to take credit for everything you do. They have climbed a ladder their entire lives by stepping on the backs of others. They may not have done any of the work themselves, but they love to take credit for yours!

Do your best to not work on projects with this cannibal. While you may not be able to avoid this for a class project, try to include someone who can keep everyone honest in their work. If you are able to, put your initials by work projects you do or copy the person who will review your work in the end. This does not always work, as these cannibals can be pretty ruthless. Don’t try to let them get to you. Keep working hard and eventually the truth will come out.


The Relationship Cannibal

This last person may not intend to be a cannibal or understand why they are being one. While they expect you to value their time, they do not value yours. You may be trying to build healthy relationships or spend time with your significant other. This flesh eater needs you to eat with them for all of their drama and gossip at all times of the day. Unlike the Story Cannibal, they don’t need to eat your story, they have plenty of their own. What they want to eat is your time. It does not matter to them if this costs you your relationships, they are hungry for your time, all of the time.

Of course its important to always be kind and as understanding as possible, it is important to set healthy boundaries (Understand this is not talking about a friend that is in need). In most cases if you do not engage in the “Meal” this cannibal will become bored with you very quickly. Continue to build your healthy relationship and the hunter will have to look somewhere else to eat.

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Thanks for reading this weeks thinks! I hope you find this information useful. I also hope it helpes you escape any of the Cannibals in your life!

See you next week!




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