Dear Self

Dear Self,

I know you didn’t sleep well last night, but I wanted to tell you something that you need to know. I know you’ve been worrying a lot lately. Actually, I take that back, you’ve been worrying your whole life.

I know anxiety seems like something that is part of who you are, but you should know you’re much more than that.

You are so much more than the unexplainable panic attacks you get from an ambulance passing your car.
You are more than the sense of fear you feel from seeing people you know in public.
You are more than that nagging voice that tells you to stay home because no one will understand you.
You are more than the things and people who have hurt you.

You are more than your own fears.

I know you feel like you are responsible for what happened 12 years ago when you tripped over someones foot.
I know you feel like you wonder if anyone feels badly or “weirded out” by what you said every 10 minutes.
I know you feel like what you just read or hear replays in your head over and over all day that you think you’re going mad.
But I promise you, you are not.

It’s ok to own up to mistakes. And trust me, you should. But worrying about something you can’t change will not improve anything.
It’s ok to take your medication that your Dr. prescribed you. You’re not a bad person for doing that.
It’s ok to sit down and take time out for yourself. You aren’t selfish for doing that.

It’s ok.

And incase you forgot who you are, I want to remind you that you are stronger than you let yourself think.

If I can do this, then you can do this.

Because you are me.


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