Where I Buy My Clothes – Ethical Fall Haul

You may have read my post Things you should know before joining a nudist colony not too long ago. We talked about how to be more conscious when shopping for clothes and where to buy clothes that are ethically sourced.

In today’s “thinks” I wanted to talk about another method of ethical shopping, buying used. Buying used is amazing because you can not only purchase without financially supporting a brand that may not agree with your standards, but you are also eliminating excessive waste.

According to Newsweek Americans alone throw away 14 million tons of unwanted clothing every year and over 80% go to landfills. To put that in perspective, that’s about the weight of 3 million elephants combined. And this happens every single year! That’s A LOT of waste!!!

… and a lot of elephants!


That’s awful… But no one has time for that

I know exactly how you feel. Thrifting can be fun to some people, but it can take a lot of time to find anything specific. While I know friends who have been able to find outrageous deals by going thrifting, I usually have no such luck.
I have also been so spoiled with places like Amazon where I never have to leave my home to go shopping. So what if both thrifting and home delivery could be combined. And what if it was no longer a “hit or miss”, it was ethical, and you could find stuff that looks good or even still have the tags each time you shop? Sound interesting?

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In today’s “thinks” I wanted to share with you my experiences thrifting online and of course a haul of things I got that I thought would be perfect for fall. Make sure you stay till the end! There’s something that rhymes with “oupon ode” waiting for you!


Thrifting with ThredUp



Although I would not necessarily call myself a true “minimalist” (I own more than what fits in a backpack), I would call my self a “simpleist”. I like to purchase clothes that fit a specific style that I like to wear. Mostly black, some denim pieces, and lots of faux leather for the fall. I also like to keep items I own to a smaller quantity usually no more than 5 pairs of shoes.  I also like to buy quality pieces that will last a long while pairing them with some trendy accents that are currently in style. Having these demands can be hard for someone who limits all of their shopping to fair trade stores and thrifting. However, with ThredUp, I’ve been able to expand my wardrobe past the three t-shirts and two pairs of jeans that I owned (You guys that knew me in Delaware know this is true. Haha! I wore the same clothes to church every single week… washed of course…).

Let me show you a couple of the things I got. I’ll also let you know what I paid for them to incase you’re wondering what price ranges look like. Btw, the website allows you to search by item condition. So, if you don’t want to buy used items, you can just select the option “New with tags” and it will only show you things that are brand new.

Outfit 1 (Faux Leather Fall)

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Faux Leather Vest: TWO by Vince Camuto
Original Price: $143 (…no)
I Paid: $26.35(Girl, YES!)

Shirt: Three Dots
Original Price: $60
I Paid: $11.05

Pants: Levi Strauss Signature Jeans
Original Price: $24
I Paid: $4.99

Shoes: Alex Marie
Original Price: $89
I Paid: $18

Let me math for a second…  I saved $256.39 just on this outfit!

Outfit 2 (Girl Boss)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Dress: Express
Original Price: $69.91
I Paid: $12.75

Can I just say that I am obsessed with this dress. Everything about it says girl boss! Completely appropriate for the business woman, client meetings, and interviews. I also had to cut the original tags from this dress when it arrived!

Outfit 3 (Farmer’s market)

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Shirt With Faux Leather Accents: Express
Original Price: $30
I Paid: $5.95

Pants: Levi Strauss Signature Jeans
Original Price: $24
I Paid: $4.99

Shoes: Alex Marie
Original Price: $89
I Paid: $18

I really love how this outfit pulls in the faux leather accents. If you look at my shoulders you can see the material.

Outfit 4 (Coffee Meetup)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Sleeveless Top: Ann Taylor (This was brand new with tags attached)
Original Price: $58
I Paid: $11.05

Jeans: Calvin Klein
Original Price: $70
I Paid: $11.87 (Honey, YES!)

Shoes: Alex Marie
Original Price: $89
I Paid: $18

This is probably one of my favorite outfits because its so casual but looks so chique. The gold zipper on the back of the top is everything and the jeans are so comfy!


Trust me on this! When I do any type of shopping, the first thing I look for is a coupon code. So I’ve got you covered girlfriend! Special thanks to ThreadUp who has partnered with me on today’s thinks. They gave me a discount code for me to share with you guys!

Use this code on your first order:

It will get you 50% off your first order with ThredUp! Enjoy!


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Thanks guys for reading today’s thinks. I hope you enjoy some shopping. Let me know what you guys try out. Be sure to post photos of your outfits and tag me @joydaehn and hashtag #secondhandfirst . Oh, did I also mention that each order is wrapped in gift tissue paper, so it feels like your birthday when you get your orders!

Happy (ethical) shopping! Enjoy!

Shout out to:
Matt – Thanks for letting me borrow your laptop!!
Mia and Kai – It was good to meet you guys! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!
Chris and Bonnie – Thanks guys for helping me with the photo shoot! You guys rock!





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