Stressed Out

Ever feel like you’re going crazy, loosing… or lost your mind?
(Great introduction Joy… No seriously, I just started reading your blog and you’re asking if I’m crazy…)
Student loans, that guy you’ve been dating wasn’t a knight in shining armor (more of a nightmare), your boss gave you an overwhelming assignment at the last minuet, your check engine light came on again!!!
Whatever it is, Work, finances, relationships, etc.,
we’ve all been there or are there.
Stress can also cause all kinds of problems. Emotionally and physically.
Just go to WebMD. No seriously, you’ll find every type of sickness possible somehow related to stress. Don’t believe me?
 Here’s the link:
Ya, ya, I know what you’re thinking…

“If it was up to WebMD, we would all have Cancer, Ebola, and need a heart transplant. In that very order!”

I know the “diagnosis” from WebMD can often be extreme, but our mental health is important non the less.
But why mental health? If you read the article that I linked above, it may sound like every disease and sickness can be related to stress. Although that might be a little over the top, stress can play a big part in your daily overall well-being.
It can make you anxious, sleep deprived, and worst of all constantly thinking of that horrible dreaded meeting you will have with a potential client in three weeks. I mean what if you say the wrong thing? You could lose them! Your company could loose them! That’s going to dip into your bonus! or possibly your entire division’s bonus!
Hey… Breath…
Are you back yet?
See what I mean? One thought can spiral into a million, and before we know it we’re completely consumed with stress.
I’m not saying that all stress is controllable if we “think positive”. In fact, a lot of life is completely unpredictable and sometimes unfair.
But the thoughts we have and entertain can often be what magnifies our stress. And if you’re anything like me, your “thinks” are often what’s stressing you out more than the actual problem.
We’re faced with an obstacle and immediately our mind goes in countless directions.
It’s pretty amazing to me that God knew exactly how our human minds would operate even in our generation.  I’m not sure that the “School of Galilee”  or the “Bethlehem Beauty College” had students with loans. But I do know that the words in scripture are timeless and can be applied to our busy lives today.
In Philippians chapter 4 scripture tells us what our minds should dwell on. In verse 7, we’re told we will experience the peace of God.

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:7 (ESV)

Although you may not always be in control of your situations, it is possible to experience God’s peace.
No it’s not easy. Trust me, this is something I struggle with every day… more like every few minuets….
But I’ve also learned its better to admit that you don’t have it all together and look at your stressful thoughts in the face, instead of trying to act like you’re doing “just fine”.
Let go and let God.
You got this girlfriend!
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